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Peace Officers and Law Enforcement


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Aliens, law enforcement activity relating to - HB 95
Availability of facilities and services, technical correction - SB 222
under influence, prerequisites for warrantless arrest - HB 528: HFA (1)
under the influence, probable cause after accident - HB 528: HCS
violations, penalties for - HB 528
Body armor program, jurisdiction changed to Kentucky Office of Homeland Security - HB 639: HCS
Certified police officers, enforcement responsibilities, delegated to - HB 439
Code enforcement boards, civil penalties for violations of ordinances - HB 119
Confiscated firearms, auction of, permitted uses of proceeds from - HB 639
Consolidated local governments, police officers' activities involving ballot initiatives - SB 16
Constables, omnibus revision - SB 6
substances monitoring system, accounts to receive data from - HB 48
substances offender registration - HB 96
Correctional officers, mandatory peace officer training - SB 154
Court security officers, certification requirements - HB 327
Domestic violence order, prohibit firearm possession, surrender of firearms - HB 353
Electronic warrants, participation in - HB 674
Enforcement of immigration law, agreements for - HB 304; HB 553: HFA (1),(5)
False name or address, giving of to peace officer - HB 78
FIVCO Area Drug Task Force, urge Congress to maintain funding for - HR 173
Funding, KLEPF fund salary supplements - HB 309
Gunshot and stab wounds, reporting of - SB 37
Interview with child by authorities, recording of, uses - SB 9
Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement, recognition of accreditation - HR 23
KLEFP Fund, move administration back to the Justice Cabinet - HB 427: HCS
KLEPF Funds, Department of Criminal Justice Training to study and report on - HB 80
vehicle unattended, delete prohibition - SB 172
vehicle unattended, prohibition on - SB 172: SCS
Lineups by law enforcement, conduct of - HB 298
Marksmanship certification, peace officers, active and retired - HB 645
property, establish a tiered response system for - HB 765: HCS
property, establishment of assessment process - HB 765: HFA (1)
property, post notice of quarantine for - HB 765
impaired adults, improve rescue squads and searches for - SB 125
impaired adults, rescue squads and searches for - HB 667; SB 125: HFA (1),(2); HB 667: HFA (1)
National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact, ratify - HB 544
Oaths, retired and senior justices and judges may administer - HB 419
Officer or employee, Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, duties - SB 202
ordinance, law enforcement exemption - HB 570
ordinances, exemptions for law enforcement - HB 192: SCS (1)
Police department, city of the sixth class, countywide jurisdiction - HB 287
Probate fees, estate of officer killed in line of duty, exemption for - HB 567: HCS
Quarantine of service animals who have bitten humans, exemption for - SB 159
Report to NCIC required, stolen items with vehicle identification numbers - HB 200
Service animal quarantine, law enforcement exemption - SB 159: SCS
crimes, victims, polygraph prohibited - SB 151
offense with minor, electronic communication - HB 367
Tennessee Valley Authority Police officers. statewide jurisdiction, grant of - SB 130
police and fire department applicants, reinstatement of - HB 436
police and firefighters, allow reinstatement of - HB 436: HCS

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