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Abortion, provide ultrasound prior to - SB 40
Accountants, exemptions for out-of-state persons - SB 49
Alarm system contractors, create process and board for licensing and regulation of - HB 41
beverage sales, approval at veterans' service organizations' posts - SB 110
beverages, retail drink licensees, mandatory server training program established - HB 744
Architect emeritus, licensing of - SB 23
of Barbering, membership and actions of - SB 30; HB 644; SB 30: SCS, SFA (1)
of Barbering, remove licensee failure to self-report offenses as a reason for discipline by - SB 30: HCS
of Pharmacy, set maximum daily compensation for members of - SB 177: SCS
of physical therapists, powers of - SB 173
of physical therapy, powers of - SB 173: SCS
kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling show participants, licensing of - HB 684
kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling shows, licensing of - HB 684: HCS
Business permit, license, or credential, employment of unauthorized aliens, grounds for nonissuance - HB 208
Casino gaming and related occupations, licensing of - SB 20
on-site sewage disposal system installers, exempt from plumber licensure for exterior work - HB 515
surgical assistants, provisions for certification - SB 137
gaming, automated charity game ticket dispenser, placement of - HB 677
gaming, establish task force to study oversight - HCR 33
gaming, provisions licensing and regulating - SB 52
Charter bus certification, eliminate hearings of convenience and necessity for - HB 192
Child care provider certification, tuberculosis risk assessment requirements for - HB 187
Child-caring facilities, accreditation and certification - HB 203
City and county taxi and limousine certificates, clarify definitions and operating authority - HB 79
Concealed deadly weapon license, eligibility for - HB 639: SCS
Continuing education requirements for cosmetologists and nail technicians, elimination of - HB 68: HFA (2)
Cooperative real estate agreements, community association managers exempted - HB 638: HFA (1)
Crematory operators, not authorized to transport body - HB 707
Denturists, create board for - HB 130
Dieticians and nutritionists board, inactive or related license or certificate status granted by - SB 158
Dietitian & nutrition board, reinstate fee limits and add license renewal exemption granted by - SB 158: SCS
Dietitians and nutritionists board, inactive or related license or certificate status granted by - HB 425
Disability discount, hunting and fishing license fee - HB 395
Distilled spirits and wine, donation of product authorized, conditions governing - SB 164
Driver's license, suspension, child support - HB 405
Election days alcoholic beverages, local legislative body may permit sale of - HB 178
Electrician license renewal, change from annual to biennial - HB 310
Engineer and land surveyor licensure board, requirements for appointment of members to - HB 509
and land surveying, licensing board's authority to prevent unlicensed practice of - HB 508
Board injunctions, unlawful practice location the proper county Circuit Court venue for - HB 508: SCS
protection sprinkler contractors, local Circuit Court as venue to enjoin unlawful practice as - HB 385: SFA (1),(2)
sprinkler contractors, conditions warranting proof of licensure - HB 385: HFA (1)
Gamblers awareness and treatment fund, moneys earmarked for - HB 137: HFA (2)
Health-care practitioners, disciplinary actions against - HB 522
inspectors - SB 22; SB 22: HFA (1)
inspectors, licensing of - SB 22: SCS
and fishing licenses, state park passes, provide discount for certain veterans - HB 117
and fishing violations, enhancing penalties for - HB 768
and fishing, senior lifetime combination license - HB 71
Hunting, licenses and permits, fees - SB 67
In God We Trust License plate, expand voluntary contribution - HB 207: HFA (1)
In-state hunting license, active duty military stationed in Kentucky, eligible for - SB 67: SFA (1)
Insurance agents - HB 66
surveying, defined - HB 510: SCS, HFA (1),(2)
surveyors, metes and bound descriptions to be exclusively performed by - HB 510
architects - HB 124
architects, limit punishment of and change venue for appeals and injunctions regarding - HB 124: SCS
architects or engineers, administration of public work construction contracts by - SB 23: SCS (2)
architects or engineers, require involvement in specified public work construction - SB 23: SCS (1)
Mandatory spay/neuter, establish requirements for - HB 39
Medicaid fraud, disciplinary action for - HB 691
Minor's purchase or possession of alcohol, operators license suspension for - HB 456
Mobile home, manufactured home, and RV communities, change agency regulating permits for - SB 43
Motor vehicles, "In God We Trust" license plate - HB 207, 236
vehicles, establish voluntary contribution for In God We Trust license plate - HB 207: HFA (2)
vehicles, transporter registration plate - HB 276
Nurses, causes for disciplinary action against - SB 21; SB 21: HCS, HFA (2),(3),(4)
Occupational taxes, update Internal Revenue Code reference - HB 665
Office of Surveyor, establish requirements for - SB 73
Orthotics, prosthetics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of - SB 29; HB 133, 146
and in-state real estate brokers, cooperative agreement and notice of affiliation for - HB 638: SCS
firms and accountants, requirements of practice - SB 49: SCS
Pedorthist, orthotists, and prosthetists, certification and standards of practice for - SB 29: SCS
Permit required, condition of sale, procedures established - HB 439
Permits for the taking of wild elk, minimum number issued per county - HB 576
emergency response system, prohibition on local licensing requirement, deletion of - SB 57: HFA (1)
emergency response systems, license providers of private residential sale and use of - HB 40
board's per diem, cap increased - HB 124: SFA (1); HB 541: SFA (2)
technician registration, qualifications for - HB 328
Plumbers, license renewal, continuing education requirement for - HB 745
of body piercing and tattooing, licensing of practitioners and related professionals - HB 584
of psychology, continuing education requirements increased - HB 505: HFA (2)
of psychology, regulation of - HB 505: HFA (1)
of psychology, scope of practice, defined - HB 505: HFA (1)
of psychology, testing, limitations on who may test - HB 505
art therapists, licensing of - HB 688
art therapy, scope of practice, defined - HB 688
Prosthetic, orthotic, and pedorthic licensure act, name in honor of Henry Brown - HB 454: SFA (2)
orthotics, and pedorthics, licensing and regulation of practitioners of - HB 454: SCS, SFA (3)
orthotics, and pedorthics, practitioner reimbursement and licensing board functions - SB 29: HCS, HFA (3)
Prosthetist, orthotist, pedorthist, and orthotic fitter licensure, direct LRC staff study of - SB 29: HFA (1),(2)
estate brokerage, cooperation agreements allowing out-of-state brokers to practice - HB 638; HB 638: HCS
estate brokers, post-license education course required for - HB 255
estate brokers, various requirements for - HB 254
estate commission, change escrow account, fee, and license reciprocity requirements enforced by - HB 254: HFA (1)
food establishment wine sales, license authorizing - HB 585
liquor and malt beverage drink sales, "licensed premises" defined - HB 754
of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists, removal of restriction on school licenses - HB 68: HFA (1)
of hairdressing and cosmetology, restriction on salon and school licenses, removal - HB 68
Sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination, prohibition of - SB 55
pathologist or audiologist, licensure requirements for - SB 26
pathologists and audiologists, supplemental pay authorized - HB 432; HB 432: HCS
pathology and audiology board, actions of and fees charged by - HB 29: SCS
Board for Proprietary Education, board composition - SB 27
parks, sale of wine and malt beverages at - SB 255; HB 571
university Interpreter program, operation of, conditions to be met - SB 90
assistants, temporary certification for - SB 137: SCS
technology study, regulating the practice of - HB 668: HCS
technology, regulate and limit the practice of - HB 668
Unlicensed practice of land surveying and engineering, board's authority to discipline - HB 508: HFA (1)

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