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Animals, cruelty to, expand prohibitions - SB 15
under influence, prerequisites for warrantless arrest - HB 528: HFA (1)
violations, penalties for - HB 528
Casino gaming moneys, distribution of - HB 550
population control, problems, direct agency study - HJR 130
study, set report dates - HJR 130: HCS
Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, personnel may assist foundation - HB 152
Disability discount, hunting and fishing license fee - HB 395
Enforcement on private land under use agreements, MOA between Commerce/Fish and Wildlife - SB 196: HFA (1)
and fishing licenses, provide discount for certain veterans - HB 117
and fishing violations, enhancing penalties for - HB 768
and fishing, senior lifetime combination license - HB 71
Illegal taking of fish and wildlife, civil penalties for, increase - HB 680
In-state hunting license, active duty military stationed in Kentucky, eligible for - SB 67: SFA (1)
Aquaculture Task Force, reauthorization of - HJR 68
Wetland and Stream Mitigation fund, appropriation to - HB 215
Recreational Trails Authority, add member of the Brain Injury Association of Kentucky to - SB 196: HFA (2)
Recreational Trails Authority, revise membership, enable land contracts - SB 196
Ky. Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Resources complimentary license for non-KDFWR event, permit - HB 637
Land Stewardship and Conversation Task Force, Reauthorize - HCR 93
Mitigation Review Team, project identification, relationship to - HB 717: HCS
Non captive wildlife, administration of drugs, prohibition of - HJR 130: SFA (1)
and all-terrain vehicles, establish trail system - HB 613
vehicle and all-terrain vehicle trail system, establish pilot project - HB 613: HFA (1)
Permits for the taking of wild elk, minimum number issued per county - HB 576
land use agreements, Fish and Wildlife, enforcement of - SB 196: SCS
use agreements, Department of Fish and Wildlife, enforcement of - SB 196: HFA (3); HB 196: HFA (1)
Senior/disabled combination hunting and fishing license, 100% disabled veterans eligible for - HB 617
hunting license for Kentucky residents, permit - HB 637
hunting license for Kentucky residents, permit for - HB 637: HFA (1)
Special hunting license for hunting in licensed shooting areas, create - HB 618: SCS
Sport hunting and sport trapping license, persons under 12, not required to have - HB 618: HFA (1)
Mitigation and Restoration Authority, membership on - HB 717: SCS
restoration and mitigation authorities, creation of - HB 717
Structures on public waters, Department of Fish and Wildlife, permits for - HB 205
Wildlife causing property damage, taking and using permitted out of season - HB 618

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