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Emergency Medical Services


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Blood testing, DUI - HB 28
Coal mine safety, medical air evacuation, emergency action plan, requirements for - SB 213
Dispatch communications personnel, definitions for collective bargaining in urban-county governments - SB 106
license, applicant may provide emergency contact - SB 182: SFA (1)
license, emergency contact to be part of the driver's license database - SB 182
license, phone number to be part of driver license database - HB 662
Emergency medical technicians, NREMT testing requirement, removal of - HB 462
Exposure to disease, workers' compensation injury, rebuttable presumption of - HB 597
impaired adults, improve rescue squads and searches for - SB 125; SB 125: SCS
impaired adults, rescue squads and searches for - HB 667; SB 125: HFA (1),(2); HB 667: HFA (1)
Patient transport to practitioner's offices, priority care for - HB 522
emergency response system providers, guidelines, establish - SB 57: HCS
emergency response system providers, regulation of - HB 409
emergency response system, prohibition on local licensing requirement, deletion of - SB 57: HFA (1)
emergency response systems and other alarm systems, regulation of contractors providing - HB 41
emergency response systems, regulate private residential use and sale of - HB 40
emergency response systems, supervision of - SB 57
Primary responder, designation of - SB 57: SCS
Trauma care system, establish - SB 138; HB 371; HB 371: HCS, HFA (1)

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