Administrative Regulations and Proceedings


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Administrative regulations - HB 374: HFA (1),(2),(3)
of accountancy, promulgate regulation to increase per diem payment of - SB 143
of Medical Licensure, emergency contraceptives, standards for - HB 353
of Nursing, emergency contraceptives, standards for - HB 353
for Health and Family Services, inspections for automatic external defibrillators - HB 182; HB 182: HCS
for Health and Family Services, organ and tissue donor registry - HB 57; HB 57: HFA (1)
for Health and Family Services, organ and tissue donor registry, permit - HB 57: HCS
Captive cervid permits, create new - SB 230
Central panel, study feasibility of - SCR 198
Commissioner of Agriculture, weights and measures, authority to promulgate - HB 340
Cosmetologist board, switch from statute to regulation for listing licensing fees charged by - HB 439
Cost analysis and compliance efforts, expanded requirements for - HB 374: SCS
Cost-benefit analysis, required as part of regulatory impact analysis - SB 96; HB 374
Department of Revenue, policies and circulars - SB 98: HFA (1)
Early childhood education-intervention, program and services criteria - HB 355
End-of-course exams, EAARS to review administrative regulations relating to - HB 197: HCS
Fertilizers and pesticides, fees, authority for - HB 268
Fiscal note, required if a state or local government agency will be affected - SB 98
Franklin Circuit Court, creation of alternative concurrent jurisdiction - SB 257
Gaming commission, regulatory agency - SB 7; HB 346
Hay grading program, administration of - HB 247
Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, establish procedures - HB 470: SFA (1)
Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, establish procedures for - HB 470
exempt license & bond revocation hearings, motor fuels, gas dealers, cigarette licensees - HB 557
Buildings and Construction administrative regulation procedure, exemptions from - SB 224: SCS
Buildings and Construction, changes in authority to promulgate administrative regulations - SB 224
Junk and scrap recyclers, EPPC authority to promulgate regulations regarding - HB 85
Juvenile, facility security - HB 351: HFA (1)
Board of Education, adjustments to funding formula for local schools - HB 463
Heritage Council, expanded regulatory power of - HB 627
State Use Commission, authorization to promulgate administrative regulations by - HB 13
KHEAA, financial aid grants for independent, needy, part-time students - HB 441
Medical Licensing Board, standards of conduct, establishment of - SB 127
form regarding filing of administrative regulations LRC to provide - HB 374
form regarding filing of, agency to provide electronically - SB 96
registration, central state government Web site to provide system for - SB 96: SCS
Office of Charitable Gaming, administrative power to exclude serious violators from licensure - HB 534
Personnel Cabinet, work-related dispute resolution methods, development of - HB 397
Pesticides and fertilizers, fees, establishment of - HB 268: HCS
Railroads, safe walkways, provisions for - HB 599
estate appraisers, allow promulgation of regulation increasing per diem payment of - HB 620
estate broker escrow account violations, emergency hearing for allegations of - SB 43
Regulatory impact analysis, require analysis on regulation's impact - SB 96: SCS
Revenue Cabinet to promulgate regulations on tax credits by nonprofit education organizations - HB 291
Small business ombudsman, establish for administrative regulations - SB 96; HB 374
State Plumbing Code Comm, assistance from, requirements for continuing educa. for plumbers' licenses - HB 427: HCS
Study efficiency of - SCR 183
Transfer agreements, conditions established, administrative regulations authorized - HB 196
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