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SB 160 (BR 1087) - B. Guthrie, G. Neal, W. Blevins, C. Borders, D. Boswell, T. Buford, L. Casebier, J. Denton, E. Harris, P. Herron Jr, B. Jackson, R. Jones II, D. Karem, D. Kelly, A. Kerr, R. Leeper, V. McGaha, D. Mongiardo, V. Moore, R. Palmer II, J. Pendleton, J. Rhoads, A. Robinson, R. Roeding, R. Sanders Jr, L. Saunders, E. Scorsone, D. Seum, T. Shaughnessy, K. Stine, R. Stivers, G. Tapp, D. Thayer, E. Tori, J. Turner, J. Westwood, D. Williams, E. Worley

     AN ACT relating to educational accountability.
     Create a new section of KRS Chapter 160 to require a scholastic audit team or a team auditing a district with a school that for 2 successive accountability cycles has failed to meet its goal and has declining student performance to consider the functioning of the school council and make recommendations concerning the council in an improvement plan or assistance plan and recommend to the commissioner of education whether the council should have its authority under KRS 160.345 transferred to the superintendent or a highly skilled educator and whether the council shall continue to act in an advisory capacity until ITS authority has been restored; provide that if both the district audit team and the school scholastic audit team agree that authority should be transferred from the council to the superintendent, then the commissioner of education shall effect the changes within 30 days unless the council appeals the action to the Kentucky Board of Education; provide that if the district audit team and the school scholastic audit team agree authority should be transferred, but do not agree on the party to receive the authority, then recommendations shall be considered by the Kentucky Board of Education with opportunity for input from the council and that the board make the final determination; provide that the Commissioner of Education inform all parties involved regarding actions taken; provide for the restoration of authority to the council when the school meets its accountability goal; amend KRS 158.6455, 158.782, and 160.345 to conform.

     Feb 11-introduced in Senate
     Feb 14-to Education (S)

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