03RS SB150


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SB 150/LM (BR 1380) - E. Worley

     AN ACT relating to the Kentucky River basin.
     Amend and create various sections of KRS Chapter 278 and 151 to further the legislative principle that the Kentucky River Authority has the prime authority for water supply and drought response plans for the Kentucky River basin; direct that the authority shall exercise its role in deliberations of the Public Service Commission in a manner that does not interfere with the prerogatives of the PSC except to the extent allowed by the Act; require the PSC to request the authority to review certain limited actions of water utilities pending before the PSC; require the authority to determine if the pending action is consistent with the authority's regulations and plans; prohibit the PSC from taking action until the authority has made a finding of consistency or waived its right of review; limit the review of the authority to actions pending related to water utilities located in the Kentucky River basin and define the basin as the counties within delineated area development districts; require that the authority executive staff and members shall be notified of and allowed to participate in 2020 water planning service strategy forums affecting the Kentucky River basin; require the Kentucky River Authority to review 2020 water management plans for consistency with the regulations and plans of the authority and allow the Kentucky River Authority rather than the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to disapprove and direct redevelopment of the plans; allow the Kentucky River Authority to review the prioritization plans for a 2020 water management area to determine if the prioritization plan is consistent with the authority's water resource and drought response plans; prohibit the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority from approving a prioritization plan unless there is a finding of consistency; require the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to work with the authority in the development of tools and methodologies to accurately assess and respond to droughts affecting the Kentucky River; and authorize the Kentucky river Authority to assess a fee on water transferred into the Kentucky River Basin.

     Feb 10-introduced in Senate
     Feb 13-to Agriculture and Natural Resources (S)

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