03RS SB135


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SB 135/CI (BR 1435) - D. Kelly

     AN ACT relating to sewage collection and treatment.
     Create various sections of Subchapter 70 of KRS Chapter 224, relating to water quality, to direct that all sources of sewage shall be connected to an on-site sewage treatment system or a sanitary sewer system; prohibit the construction, installation, use, or maintenance of a straight pipe, cesspool, sinkhole, or other receptacle for discharging receiving sewage; require certain property owners who do not have access to a sanitary sewer system to connect to an approved on-site sewage system; prohibit certain discharges of septic tank effluent; require buildings to be connected to accessible sanitary sewer systems and define accessibility as determined on a case-by-case basis; direct that the building owner shall pay the cost of the connection; allow a property owner to apply for a waiver of the requirement to connect; limit the duration of the waiver; prohibit disconnecting from a sanitary sewer system unless allowed by the county health department or the cabinet; prohibit the flow of stormwater runoff into a sanitary sewer system; declare that local laws that are at least as stringent as these requirements are not superseded.

     Feb 10-introduced in Senate
     Feb 11-to Agriculture and Natural Resources (S)

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