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SB 113 (BR 1462) - T. Buford

     AN ACT relating to athletic trainer licensure.
     Amend KRS 311.990 to change the definition of "athletic trainer" to expand his or her scope of practice to allow for the provision of services in addition to preventive or physical rehabilitative services and the treatment of injuries in addition to those occurring to athletes at educational institutions, professional athletic organizations, or other bona fide athletic organizations; require that athletic trainers be licensed rather than certified; amend KRS 311.908 to permit the board to promulgate administrative regulations requiring the completion of continuing education as a condition for license renewal; amend KRS 311.912 to delete specific fees and authorize the board to establish fees by administrative regulations; expand the permissible fees to include renewal, late, and restoration fees; amend KRS 311.914 to provide that the student trainer be supervised by a duly licensed supervisor as well as a physician; require that the supervision comply with board or national certification guidelines; grandfather those who are certified on the effective date of this Act if they satisfy all other requirements; delete the existing certification requirements and replace with new licensing requirements, to include certification by a national board; require that the license be effective for a period of three years; permit reciprocity for an out-of-state licensee or certificant who is certified by the named national certifying body, if the board deems the applicant to have equivalent qualifications; amend KRS 311.918 to delete the requirement that the board approve an examination; amend KRS 311.920 to expand the board's disciplinary powers to include the authority to place a license on probation, to limit or restrict a license for an indefinite period; to issue a reprimand, and to impose a fine of up to five thousand dollars; amend KRS 311.928 to exclude a person engaged in the practice of athletic training who is employed by an out-of-state organization and who is in the state temporarily for an athletic competition or exhibition form licensing requirements.

     Feb 5-introduced in Senate
     Feb 7-to Licensing, Occupations & Administrative Regulations (S)

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