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HR 222 (BR 1994) - R. Palumbo, J. Adams, R. Adams, R. Adkins, J. Arnold Jr, A. Arnold, E. Ballard, P. Bather, S. Baugh, C. Belcher, B. Buckingham, T. Burch, De. Butler, J. Callahan, L. Clark, P. Clark, J. Coleman, H. Collins, J. Comer, H. Cornett, T. Couch, J. Crenshaw, R. Crimm, R. Damron, M. Denham, B. DeWeese, T. Edmonds, C. Embry Jr, B. Farmer, T. Feeley, J. Fischer, D. Ford, C. Geveden, J. Gooch, D. Graham, J. Gray, K. Hall, M. Harmon, M. Harper, J. Higdon, C. Hoffman, D. Horlander, J. Jenkins, T. Kerr, S. Lee, Ji. Lee, G. Lindsay, P. Marcotte, M. Marzian, T. McKee, R. Meeks, C. Miller, H. Moberly, R. Mobley, B. Montell, R. Nelson, F. Nesler, D. Pasley, T. Pullin, M. Rader, R. Rand, F. Rasche, J. Reinhardt, J. Richards, S. Riggs, T. Riner, C. Siler, A. Simpson, D. Sims, A. Smith, B. Smith, J. Stacy, K. Stein, J. Stewart, G. Stumbo, R. Thomas, J. Thompson, T. Thompson, K. Upchurch, J. Vincent, C. Walton, J. Wayne, M. Weaver, R. Webb, S. Westrom, R. Wilkey, B. Yonts

     Designate the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, Inc. as the official lead organization to serve as the planning and organizing group for the 100th anniversary celebration of the first successful powered flight of Wilbur and Orville Wright.

     Mar 25-introduced in House; adopted by voice vote

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