03RS HB83


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HB 83 (BR 189) - R. Meeks, T. Burch

     AN ACT relating to highway safety.
     Create a new section of KRS Chapter 189 to define "engage in a call," "hand-held mobile telephone," "hands-free mobile telephone," "immediate proximity," "mobile telephone," "using," and "wireless telephone service"; prohibit operation of motor vehicle while using mobile telephone in a call while vehicle is in motion; create presumption that motor vehicle operator is engaging in a call if he or she is holding the telephone in the immediate proximity of his or her ear; create exemptions from prohibition for persons communicating with emergency response operators, medical personnel, fire and police personnel, and people using a hands-free mobile telephone; permit law enforcement officials to issue verbal warnings for 30 days after the effective date of the Act; require reporting by commissioner of motor vehicles; preempt local laws and ordinances, except for those relating to business or professional licenses, permits, or certifications; amend KRS 189.990 to establish penalty of not less than $20 nor more than $100 for each offense.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s))

     Jan 7-introduced in House; to Transportation (H)
     Feb 18-posted in committee

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