03RS HB555


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HB 555/CI (BR 1294) - B. Yonts

     AN ACT relating to mines and minerals.
     Amend and create various sections of KRS Chapter 352 relating to mines and minerals to add definitions; delete references to mining practices no longer used; require the use of nonconductive materials to insulate suspended trailing cables and high voltage feeder cables; require circuit interrupting devices for all power circuits and equipment; require all cables to be suitable for current and voltage; require disconnecting devices to be provided at the beginning of all branch circuits; require underground transformer stations, battery charging stations, substations, rectifiers, and water pumps to be housed in noncombustible structures or be equipped with a fire suppression system but exclude from the requirements certain rectifiers and power centers; require electric locomotives to be provided with suitable electrical protective devices; require conveyor belts to be equipped with start and stop controls at intervals not to exceed 1000 feet; require ground wires in trailing cables to be tested weekly rather than periodically; require power circuits and electrical equipment to be deenergized before working on them; replace to a separate section the provisions regulating trolley wires and trolley feeder wires; specify that lightning arresters are to be installed on ungrounded, exposed, power conductors, and telephone wires; require power circuits and electrical equipment on the surface to be deenergized before beginning work on them; require electrical equipment and circuits to be examined by a certified electrician; prohibit the accumulation of combustible materials; replace to a separate section the provisions regulating the examination of gases at the working face.


     HFA (1, B. Yonts) - Amend KRS 352.010 to include definition of "hazardous voltage"; require installation in noncombustible structure or area to include intake air monitored for carbon monoxide or smoke by atmospheric monitoring system; amend KRS 352.220 to delete requirement to post suitable warning signs when a power circuit is deenergized and locked open and insert a requirement for posting a tag in lieu thereof; amend KRS 352.230 to require headlights to be installed and maintained in a workmanlike manner; make technical corrections', renumber paragraphs to conform.

     SFA (1, D. Boswell) - Exclude from operation of the Act electrical facilities regulated by the Public Service Commission or electrical cooperatives if they are subject to an applicable safety code.

     Feb 18-introduced in House
     Feb 19-to Natural Resources and Environment (H)
     Feb 20-reassigned to Labor and Industry (H)
     Feb 21-posting waived
     Feb 25-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar; floor amendment (1) filed
     Feb 26-2nd reading, to Rules; recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (H); taken from Committee, placed in the Orders of the Day
     Feb 28-3rd reading, passed 96-0 with floor amendment (1)
     Mar 3-received in Senate; to Agriculture and Natural Resources (S)
     Mar 6-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar; floor amendment (1) filed
     Mar 10-2nd reading, to Rules

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