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HB 502 (BR 1118) - R. Meeks, B. Smith, L. Clark, D. Graham, D. Horlander, J. Jenkins, A. Simpson

     AN ACT relating to voter registration.
     Amend KRS 116.025 to provide that a voter shall be a resident of the state and precinct on or before the day of the election; amend KRS 116.045 to provide that a person may register or change party affiliation in person at the precinct on the day of any election, provide that a person who has not registered prior to the time that the registration books are closed and who possesses all other qualifications for voter registration may register or change party affiliation at the person's precinct of residence on the day of the election and shall be permitted to vote in that election, provide for confirmation of identity and affidavit; amend KRS 116.0452 to provide for time of receipt of precinct voter registration, provide that county clerk shall provide the State Board of Elections with a report of the number of voters registering to vote at the precincts on election day, direct State Board of Elections to publish informational materials about voter registration in Spanish, direct State Board of Elections to provide voter registration applications in Spanish no later than January 1, 2006; amend KRS 116.046 to direct schools to inform students and school personnel not less than once each school year about the availability of registration forms, direct school districts to submit annual an report to the Legislative Research Commission regarding student voter registration; amend KRS 116.048 to designate all state agencies as voter registration agencies and direct reporting by state agencies of plans for implementing requirements; amend KRS 116.055 to delete requirement that, to vote in a primary election, a person must have been registered as a member of the political party by December 31 or in the case of new registrations have been registered and remained registered as a member of that party; amend KRS 117.225 to provide that if the person is not listed on the precinct roster, that the person be given the opportunity to register at the precinct; and amend KRS 117.365 to provide that applications for voter registration at the precinct shall be presented to the grand jury and retained by the county clerk.

     Feb 13-introduced in House
     Feb 14-to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)

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