03RS HB455


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HB 455 (BR 1638) - R. Webb, T. Couch, T. Edmonds, B. Smith

     AN ACT relating to fair competition in the marketing of motor fuel.
     Create new sections of KRS Chapter 365, relating to trade practices, to define "affiliate", "competition", "dealer", "motor fuel", "nonrefiner", "nonrefiner cost", "person", "posted terminal price", "refiner", "refiner cost", "relevant geographic market", "retail outlet", "sale", "supplier", "terminal facility", "ust system", and "wholesaler"; prohibit pricing schemes, price discrimination, and discriminatory rebates in the sale and marketing of motor fuel; establish legal exemptions for sales that meet lawful competition, clearance sales and liquidations, court orders, grand openings, and price differences due to differences in costs; establish a fine up to $10,000 per day for violations of the Act; allow the Attorney General to investigate violations and issue subpoenas; provide for damages to be tripled by the court for private actions seeking injunctive relief for violations of the Act; establish the short title of Kentucky Fair Competition Act of 2002.

     Feb 11-introduced in House
     Feb 12-to Tourism Development and Energy (H)

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