03RS HB361


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HB 361 (BR 505) - A. Arnold, C. Hoffman

     AN ACT relating to provisional voting.
     Create new section of KRS Chapter 117 to direct the State Board of Elections to establish provisional voting by regulation in conformity with the Help America Vote Act of 2002.


     HCA (1, A. Arnold) - Amend to delete reference to voter list for the precinct.

     HFA (1, J. Richards) - Delete original provisions of the bill; create a new section of KRS Chapter 136 to provide that a corporation that holds securities in other corporations equal to 50% or more of total assets may compute capital employed either by filing a consolidated return or by deducting the book value of the investment; provide that the section applies only to returns with due dates between April 15, 2004 and April 15, 2005; repeal KRS 136.071.

     HFA (2/Title, J. Richards) - Make title amendment.

     SFA (1, D. Williams) - Amend KRS 118.245 to eliminate the runoff primary for gubernatorial slates; amend various sections to conform; amend KRS 121.150 and 121A.130 to allow gubernatorial slates to accept contributions with 28 days prior to an election; require reports with 24-hours of receipt or contributions or making expenditures within the last 28 days of an election; permit slates to carry unexpended funds from the primary to the general election; establish contribution limits from permanent committees for slates; exclude goods and services from state or county executive committees from the definition of contribution; and allow goods and services provided on behalf of a county or state executive committee to be done in coordination with a slate.

     SFA (2/Title, D. Williams) - Make title amendment.

     Feb 6-introduced in House
     Feb 7-to Elections, Const. Amendments & Intergovernmental Affairs (H)
     Feb 10-posted in committee
     Feb 13-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with committee amendment (1)
     Feb 14-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 19-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for Thursday, February 20, 2003
     Feb 21-3rd reading, passed 92-1 with committee amendment (1)
     Feb 24-received in Senate
     Feb 27-to State and Local Government (S)
     Mar 4-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Consent Calendar
     Mar 5-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 10-floor amendments (1) and (2-title) filed ; posted for passage in the Consent Orders of the Day for Tuesday, March 11, 2003
     Mar 11-taken from the Consent Orders of the Day, placed in the Regular Orders of the Day; 3rd reading, passed 26-10 with floor amendments (1) and (2-title) ; received in House; posted for passage for concurrence in Senate floor amendments (1) and (2-title)
     Mar 24-floor amendments (1) and (2-title) filed ; recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (H)
     Mar 25-taken from Committee, placed in the Orders of the Day for March 25, 2003

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