03RS HB246


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HB 246/LM (BR 998) - T. Kerr, T. Riner

     AN ACT relating to traffic regulations.
     Amend KRS 189A.100, relating to the administration of preliminary breath tests, to require all law enforcement agencies to request all drivers involved in an accident resulting in serious physical injury or death to submit to a field sobriety test; provide for a driver that refuses to submit to a field sobriety test to be subject to license suspension under KRS Chapter 189A; amend KRS 189A.103, relating to consenting to tests for alcohol or substances in the blood, to provide for the field sobriety test to be administered by the police officer responding to the scene of the accident or by an officer at the direction of a police officer who has reasonable grounds to believe the person has violated KRS Chapter 189A; amend KRS 189.580, 189.635, and 281A.220 to conform; amend KRS 186.560, regarding mandatory revocation of operator's licenses, to include under revocable offenses the conviction for any traffic violation contributing to a driver's negligence in a fatal traffic accident, set period of revocation at 5 years, and allow for judicial reduction of the revocation period.

     Jan 10-introduced in House
     Feb 4-to Judiciary (H)
     Feb 7-posted in committee

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