03RS HB214


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HB 214/LM/CI (BR 874) - R. Palumbo, J. Jenkins, C. Belcher, M. Harper, M. Marzian, M. Rader, S. Riggs, T. Riner, A. Simpson, D. Sims, K. Stein, J. Wayne, R. Webb, S. Westrom

     AN ACT relating to animal cruelty.
     Create a new section of KRS Chapter 525 to define animal torture, set penalties for animal torture, prescribe allocation of court costs, create exemptions including research, pest control, hunting, horse racing, training, showing, and other related activities; distinguish animal torture from animal cruelty; allow peace officers to seize the animal, subject to reasonable suspicion that the animal was injured due to a violation of this bill and allow confiscation of the animal upon a violation of the law; amend KRS 525.130 to distinguish animal torture from animal cruelty and to exempt certain practices from the definition of animal cruelty; amend KRS 258.125 to allow the Department of Agriculture to pay the costs of confiscation, keeping, and forfeiture of seized animals from the livestock fund if the defendant is not convicted.

     Jan 10-introduced in House
     Feb 4-to Judiciary (H)

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