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CDC, vaccination program for emergency responders, priority procedures for - HB 529: HCS
Citizenship, foreign births, birth certificates - SB 49
  • health information infrastructure and centers for applied health informatics, funding by - SJR 24
  • Medicaid and KCHIP, urge full funding of - SCR 60; SCR 60: HCS
  • Medicare, urge coverage of oral anti-cancer drugs in - HJR 9
  • Medicare, urge coverage of prescription drugs including oral anti-cancer drugs in - HJR 9: HCS
  • urge full funding of Medicare and Medicaid by - SCR 85
Drugs, direct-to-consumer advertising, urge federal restrictions on - HCR 66
Executive Branch Budget, Help America Vote Act matching appropriation - HB 269: HFA(9)
Federal payment to local governments in lieu of property taxes on national forest - SR 128
Flag, to fly at highway rest areas - HB 549: SFA(1)
Official vehicles in northern Kentucky, biennial emissions testing - SB 6; HB 18
Property taxes, payment in lieu of on national forest lands - SCR 117
Ten commandments and prayer, authorize in public schools - SR 69
Tort reform, urge the Kentucky Congregational Delegation to support - HR 185

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