Traffic Safety

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All-terrain vehicles, operation of, omnibus revision of provisions governing - HB 345
Auto accidents, law enforcement powers to clear roadway - HB 367
Booster seats, secondary enforcement of - HB 274: SFA(1)
Cell phone use while driving, request NHTSA study of effects - HCR 103
Child booster seats, require and make violations a primary offense - HB 274
Drag racing, forfeiture of vehicle for second offense within five years - SB 3
Driver training schools, licensing and regulation of - HB 310
Driving under the influence, Schedule I controlled substance - HB 490
  • refusal, videotaping of - HB 146
  • test refusal, license revocation period and warning - HB 151
Field sobriety tests, request all drivers to submit to if involved in serious traffic accident - HB 246
  • require use during precipitation or when windshield wipers in use - HB 261
  • require use when windshield wipers in use - SB 185; HB 65
Lights on motor vehicles, certain lights prohibited - HB 262
Mandatory seat belt law, primary enforcement - HB 16
Motor vehicles, prohibition against use of hand-held mobile telephones while driving - HB 83
  • Advisory Commission for Highway Safety, amend duties of - HB 281: HFA(1)
  • Advisory Commission for Highway Safety, establish - SB 44; HB 281
Obstructed or inoperable lights on motor carriers, increase penalties for - HB 424
Off-road Motorcycle and ATV Task Force, extend to 9/30/04 - HCR 136
Public safety vehicles, yield or reduce speed when passing on roadside - HB 15
Rumble strips, encourage Transportation Cabinet to install on all state highways - HCR 142
Wireless phones, use in automobiles, encourage manufacturers to develop safer technology - HCR 121

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