Oil and Natural Gas

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Coalbed methane, direct study of - HCR 99
Dept. of Mines and Minerals, to promulgate regulations - HB 524: SFA(5)
Easement of necessity, abatement of violation, procedures for - HB 552
Gathering lines, department shall within 6 months promulgate regulations covering - HB 524: SFA(3)
Individual wells, domestic use, combination bond - HB 458
Natural gas gathering lines, permit for - HB 458: HFA(1)
Permit extension, notification and right to object to - HB 458
Regulations covering all aspects of oil and gas operations, Department of Mines to promulgate - HB 458: SCA(1)
Roads and rights-of-way, local governments shall control - HB 458: HCA(1)
Unmined minerals tax, Revenue Cabinet, assessment of - HB 369: SFA(1)

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