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AIDS educational courses for Corrections personnel, eliminate gender-specific language - HB 394
Alzheimer's, Ronald Reagan, courageous battle by - HJR 13: SFA(1)
Assisted-living community, Alzheimer's information maintained by - SB 20: SCS
Breast Cancer, Advisory Committee, increase membership of - SB 88
  • urge Congress to expand Medicare coverage to include oral drugs to treat - HJR 9
  • urge Congress to reform Medicare to cover prescription drugs including oral drugs to treat - HJR 9: HCS
  • urge Congress to reform Medicare to cover prescription drugs, including oral drugs to treat - HJR 9: HCS
Colorectal cancer screening, health insurance, required coverage by - HB 112
Dementia-specific staff training, long-term care facility to maintain information relating to - SB 20
Equine infectious anemia, testing horses for - HB 492
Health insurance, colorectal concer screenings, reimbursement for - HB 112: HFA(1)
HIV, system used by health care providers to report cases of - SB 107: HFA(1)
HIV/AIDS Advisory Council, Cabinet for Health Services, urge continued support by - SCR 61; HCR 143
HIV/AIDS, prescription drugs, prohibition on restrictions for use of - SB 196
Individual care plans, schools, requirements for - HB 378
  • Early Intervention System, assessment of - HB 484; SB 60: HCS
  • Early Intervention System, evaluation of - HB 484: HCS
Myositis Awareness Day, declaration of - HR 105
Obesity and drug addiction, universities, urge study of - HJR 132
Substance abuse, involuntary commitment - HB 192
Vaccination program, emergency responders to participate in - HB 529; SB 60: HCS

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