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Coroners, prohibit soliciting for funeral businesses - SB 125
Employee job performance, employer disclosure, limited immunity - HB 200
Leases, construction of contract provisions - SB 93
Limited liability companies - HB 505
  • vehicle dealers, remote dealer sales, allow unless prohibited by local ordinance - HB 219: HFA(4)
  • vehicle dealers, remote sales, remove representative inventory requirement - HB 219: HFA(3)
Nonresident contact lens sellers, requirements regarding dispensing lenses to KY residents - SB 157
Nuclear transplantation, limitation on transportation of - HB 265: HFA(3)
Off-premises auto sales, clarify restrictions on - HB 219: HFA(1)
Partnerships and limited partnerships, uniform laws on - HB 558
Remote motor vehicle dealer sales, allow in conjunction with a credit union - HB 219: HFA(2)
Trade agreements, provisions of - HB 209

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