Charitable Organizations and Institutions

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Big Brothers/Big Sisters, create a special license plate for - HB 543
  • gaming facilities, number of games played, upper cap on - HB 260
  • gaming gross receipts, partial funding for compulsive gamblers, requirement for - HB 264
Choose Life trust fund, establishment and distribution of funds - SB 23
  • against nonprofit corporations, alternative dispute resolution for - HB 98
  • against nonprofit corporations, mediation for - HB 98: HCS
Distilled spirits and wine, private clubs, Sunday sales at - HB 368
Faith-based initiatives, development and support of - HB 119
Health care providers, study impact of transferring unused prescription drugs to - HR 171
Probation and conditional discharge, conditions of, authorization of payment to certain programs - SB 66; SB 66: HCS
Sales tax, refund on retail sales - HB 178
Social work licensure, church and philanthropic agencies, requirements for - HB 464; HB 464: HCS
Temporary distilled spirits and wine license, charitable organizations, issuance to - SB 121: SFA(1)

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