98RS SB341


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SB 341 (BR 1592) - D. Nunnelley

     AN ACT relating to advertising devices.
     Amend KRS 177.830 to delete the definition of "limited access highway", clarify existing definitions, and define the terms "urbanized area", "urban place", "commercially or industrially developed area", "nonconforming advertising device", "routine maintenance", and "destroyed"; amend KRS 177.841 to prohibit the erection of billboards which are visible from a scenic highway or byway, grandfather in existing billboards when a highway is declared scenic; amend KRS 177.860 to require the Department of Highways to promulgate regulations and develop a permit system for approved advertising devices, expand list of advertising devices acceptable under KRS 177.830 to 177.890; Amend KRS 177.863, regarding standards for billboards, to change the maximum surface area of a billboard to 1,250 square feet instead of 1,250 square feet on each side, make technical corrections; create a new section of KRS 177.830 to 177.890 to outline standards under which nonconforming billboards may continue to exist; amend KRS 177.890 to permit the Department of Highways to promulgate regulations to maintain compliance with agreements with the federal government and with federal regulations; amend KRS 177.990 to make each day of a violation of KRS 177.841 to 177.890 constitute a separate offense; amend KRS 177.842 to conform.


     SCS - Retain provisions of the original bill with the following exceptions: include replacement of existing stringers or panel facing under the definition of "routine maintenance"; amend paragraph (3)(b) of Section 2 to replace the words "date a highway was designated as scenic" with "effective date of this Act"; amend Section 7, regarding penalties, to count each day of a violation after notification by the cabinet as a separate offense.

     Feb 24-introduced in Senate
     Feb 25-to Transportation (S)
     Mar 4-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Substitute
     Mar 5-2nd reading, to Rules
     Mar 10-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 12, 1998
     Mar 12-passed over and retained in the Orders of the Day
     Mar 17-3rd reading, passed 32-4 with Committee Substitute
     Mar 18-received in House
     Mar 19-to Transportation (H)
     Mar 23-posted in committee

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