98RS SB25


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SB 25 (BR 326) - E. Scorsone

     AN ACT relating to school safety.
     Require the Kentucky Department of Education to develop and evaluate training materials and guidelines on school safety issues; provide that the department establish and administer a grant program for the purpose of developing innovative programs of violence prevention, conflict resolution, and other related programs; provide that the department conduct a study of the issue of school security including two-way communications, classroom security, and measures to assure the safety of teachers, students, and other school employees; amend KRS 158.148 to provide that the Kentucky Department of Education develop statewide student discipline guidelines, recommendations to improve the learning environment and student achievement and to reduce the dropout rate; amend KRS 158.148 to require each local district to develop a code of acceptable behavior and discipline and provide specific requirements to be included in the code, including a zero tolerance for any student possessing a weapon; using any object or weapon in a threatening manner; using or possessing any narcotic or stimulant drug, engaging in any physical assault; or threatening bodily harm; require that each district have a Discipline Review committee; provide for the alternative placement of students for disruptive, threatening, or violent students; amend KRS 158.150 to require each local board of education to adopt a policy requiring intervention services up to and including expulsion from school for any student bringing a weapon to school, possessing alcohol, prescription drugs, or controlled substances for the purpose of sale or distribution at school or for physically assaulting others at school or school events; amend KRS 610.345 to include procedures for disclosing information about a child who is found guilty of certain offenses.

     (Prefiled by the sponsor(s).)

     Jan 6-introduced in Senate; to Education (S)

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