98RS SB249


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SB 249/FN (BR 1830) - G. Williams, C. Borders, D. Boswell, T. Buford, G. Freeman, E. Harris, V. McGaha, V. Moore, T. Philpot, A. Robinson, R. Roeding, L. Saunders, D. Seum, R. Stivers, E. Tori, J. Westwood

     AN ACT relating to the definition of person.
     Amend KRS 446.010, to include all human beings from fertilization to death in the definition of a person.


     SCA (1, R. Roeding) - Retain original provision except change "fertilization" to "conception".
     SFA (2, E. Rose) - Direct that the use of the term "person," as defined under KRS 446.010, not apply to an abortion as defined in KRS 311.720.
     SFA (3, T. Shaughnessy) - Create a new section in KRS Chapter 61 to require that all public records containing a person's age or date of birth be amended, within six (6) months of the effective date of this Act, by the agency maintaining such records, to provide that the person is nine (9) months older than current record reflects; create a new section of KRS Chapter 61 to provide that provisions of this Act shall apply to all residents and non-residents currently enrolled in state-sponsored retirement systems; create a new section of KRS Chapter 336 to require that all employers in the Commonwealth that administer employee benefit plans, such as retirement, pension or insurance plans, amend employee records to reflect that the employee's age is nine (9) months older than current employment records reflect; amend KRS 244.085 to allow persons to purchase, possess, attempt to possess or possess alcohol at age twenty (20) years and three (3) months; amend KRS 186.440 to allow persons aged fifteen (15) years and three (3) months to obtain an operator's license and disallow any person who has not graduated high school, or who is not enrolled in school, and who is under age seventeen (17) years and three (3) months to obtain an operator's license; and amend KRS 156.070 to disallow any pupil under the age of thirteen (13) years and three (3) months to participate in any high school sports; amend KRS 141.010 to include the definition of person within the definition of dependent.
     SFA (4/FN, G. Williams) - Amend KRS 446.010, relating to definitions for the Kentucky Revised Statutes, to provide definitions for human being, individual, and natural person.

     Feb 2-introduced in Senate
     Feb 3-to Health and Welfare (S)
     Feb 19-reported favorably, 1st reading, to Calendar with Committee Amendment (1)
     Feb 20-2nd reading, to Rules
     Feb 23-floor amendment (2) filed
     Feb 26-posted for passage in the Regular Orders of the Day for March 3, 1998
     Mar 2-floor amendments (3) and (4) filed; recommitted to Appropriations and Revenue (S)

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