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SB 185 (BR 1435) - L. Saunders

     AN ACT relating to appropriations providing financing for the operations, maintenance, support, and functioning of the government of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and its various officers, cabinets, departments, boards, commissions, institutions, subdivisions, agencies, and other state supported activities.
     The State/Executive Branch Budget: appropriate from the General Fund, Road Fund, restricted funds, federal funds, bond funds, agency bonds, capital construction surplus, investment income, surplus bond proceeds, and other funds, as indicated, $40,169,400 for fiscal year 1997-98; $15,763,741,700 for fiscal year 1998-99, and $14,741,430,400 for fiscal year 1999-00, as follows: Government Operations 1997-98 $ 261,500 1998-99 $ 320,507,200 1999-00 $ 318,367,500 Economic Development 1998-99 $ 16,827,500 1999-00 $ 18,699,500 Education 1998-99 $ 2,966,732,300 1999-00 $ 3,085,541,900 Education, Arts, and Humanities 1998-99 $ 187,580,300 1999-00 $ 197,386,000 Families and Children 1997-98 $ 5,000,000 1998-99 $ 855,115,300 1999-00 $ 875,726,200 Finance and Administration 1998-99 $ 369,675,000 1999-00 $ 391,510,000 Health Services 1998-99 $ 3,467,847,600 1999-00 $ 3,437,598,300 Justice 1997-98 $ 10,471,400 1998-99 $ 516,393,600 1999-00 $ 562,805,400 Labor 1998-99 $ 340,916,200 1999-00 $ 345,810,300 Natural Resources and Environmental Protection 1998-99 $ 149,412,100 1999-00 $ 149,812,500 Personnel 1997-98 $ 350,000 1998-99 $ 29,091,900 1999-00 $ 30,396,600 Postsecondary Education 1997-98 $ 452,000 1998-99 $ 2,492,807,400 1999-00 $ 2,603,040,800 Public Protection and Regulation 1997-98 $ 690,500 1998-99 $ 162,066,400 1999-00 $ 165,479,900 Revenue 1998-99 $ 86,257,400 1999-00 $ 89,372,900 Tourism Development 1997-98 $ 1,867,000 1998-99 $ 142,116,500 1999-00 $ 147,578,000 Transportation 1997-98 $ 2,300,000 1998-99 $ 1,621,340,000 1999-00 $ 1,635,914,500 Workforce Development 1997-98 $ 294,000 1998-99 $ 494,784,000 1999-00 $ 502,806,100; Not included in the above appropriation amounts are capital projects amounts as follows: Capital Projects 1997-98 $ 18,483,000 1998-99 $ 1,544,271,000 1999-00 $ 183,584,000 provide for the recording, reporting, allotment, and expenditure of appropriated funds; provide for the deposit of restricted funds and federal funds; prohibit the transfer of funds between budget units unless specifically authorized, and upon review and determination by the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue; provide that any excess General Fund or Road Fund debt service shall lapse to the respective surplus account pursuant to KRS 48.720; provide that no appropriation from any fund source shall exceed the sum specified until the agency has submitted required documentation to the Interim Joint Committee on Appropriations and Revenue for review and action pursuant to KRS 48.630; provide for the allotment of unbudgeted appropriations; provide that all questions regarding the interpretation of any appropriation shall be decided by the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet pursuant to KRS 48.500; provide that within 60 days upon adjournment of the 1998 General Assembly the Governor's Office for Policy and Management shall prepare a final budget document based on the proposed Executive Budget as enacted by the 1998 General Assembly, and other acts which contain appropriation provisions for the 1998-2000 biennium, and based upon supporting documentation and legislative records as considered by the 1998 General Assembly, and the statutory budget memorandum; provide that the Secretary of the Finance and Administration Cabinet monitor and report on the financial condition of the Commonwealth pursuant to KRS 48.400; provide that no additional funds be deposited in the Budget Reserve Trust Fund for 1998-2000 except as provided in this Act; provide that the employer contribution rate for KERS be nor more than 8.03 percent for nonhazardous duty employees, 18.66 percent for hazardous duty employees, and 23.41 percent for State Police; provide a 5 percent annual increment each fiscal year for state personnel and for a budgeted positions record; provide for restricted funds transfers to the General Fund; provide for a General Fund Budget Reduction Plan; provide for a Road Fund Budget Reduction Plan and a Road Fund Surplus Expenditure Plan; provide conditions, directives, and mandates for the following budget units: Attorney General, Legal Services Contracts, Deputy and Assistant Attorneys General Salaries; Auditor of Public Accounts, State Agencies Audit Services Contracts, Audit Records and Status Reports, Charges for Federal, State, and Local Audits; Kentucky Retirement Systems, Contracting Legal Services, Economic Development, East and West Kentucky Corporations' and Regional Offices' Strategic Plan, Financial Incentives; Department of Education, Allocation of Support Education Excellence in Kentucky Funds, Minimum Statewide Salary Schedules; Executive Policy and Management, Employment of Personnel; Management Support Services, Funding for Employer Health and Life Insurance and Retirement Contributions; Learning Results Services, School Rewards Trust Fund, Kentucky Education Technology System; Learning Support Services, Family Resource and Youth Services Centers, Education Professional Standards Board; Education, Arts, and Humanities, Teachers' Retirement System, Distinguished Educators Retirement Benefits, School Facilities Construction Commission, Local Districts Facilities Plans; Families and Children, Cabinet level, Maximizing Federal Funds, Social Insurance - Benefits; Finance and Administration, Federally Assisted Wastewater Loan Fund and Federally Assisted Water Supply Revolving Fund; Health Services, Cabinet level, Maximizing Federal Funds, Medicaid Services - Benefits, Hospital Indigent Patient Reporting, Hospital Indigent Patient Billing, Provider Tax Information, Indigent Care Posting, Settlement of Obligations Incurred Prior to Repaid Capitation, Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Payments, Quality and Charity Care Trust Fund, Department for Mental Health/Mental Retardation, Computer System; Justice, Legal Aid Restrictions; State Police, Salary Increase; Community Services and Local Facilities, Adult Institutions; Labor, General Administration and Support, Monthly Reporting; Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Department for Natural Resources, Budget Management; Kentucky River Authority, Water Withdrawal Fees; Public Service Commission, Public Service Commission Building; provide for a General Fund Surplus Expenditure Plan not to exceed $500,000,000 for fiscal years 1998-98 and 1999-2000 allocated 20% to the Budget Reserve Trust Fund, 17.36% to the State Technology Projects Fund, 17.46 percent to the School Technology Projects Fund, and 45.18% to the Statewide Infrastructure Fund.

     Jan 20-introduced in Senate
     Jan 21-to Appropriations and Revenue (S)

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