98RS SB184


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SB 184 (BR 1436) - L. Saunders

     AN ACT making appropriations for operations, maintenance, and support of the legislative branch of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
     The Legislative Biennial Branch Budget: appropriated from the general fund $31,725,500 for fiscal year 1998-99 and $39,879,000 for fiscal year 1999-00; appropriated from restricted agency funds $240,000 for fiscal year 1998-99 and $190,000 for fiscal year 1999-00; Appropriations are allocated as follows: GENERAL ASSEMBLY 1998-99 $ 8,874,000 1999-00 $14,365,000 LEGISLATIVE RESEARCH COMMISSION 1998-99 $23,091,500 1999-00 $25,704,000; limit Legislative Research Commission staff to 261 employees; provide that the above General Fund appropriation includes $364,000 in fiscal year 1998-1999 and $264,000 in fiscal year 1999-00 for capital projects as authorized in the Capital Projects Budget, Part II; provide director, with approval of the Legislative Research Commission, to expend funds appropriated for legislative operation and administration; limit legislators per diem on out-of-state travel to seven days, without prior approval, and exempt commission members the limitation; provide appropriation items and sums conform with KRS 48.311; provide that duplicate appropriations be governed by KRS 48.312; provide that total or subtotal conflicts be governed by 48.313; provide that revisions to restricted and federal funds appropriations be made and reported pursuant to KRS 48.630(10); require the director prepare a final budget document for the 1998-00 budget of the legislative branch and be furnished to the Finance and Administration Cabinet.

     Jan 20-introduced in Senate
     Jan 21-to Appropriations and Revenue (S)

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