Secretary of State

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Ballot certification, candidate replacement and withdrawal, and filing forms, dates regarding - HB 64
Business entity statutes, technical changes to - HB 666: HCS
  • filing form, oath to support a political party's principles and policies, reinstatement of - HB 477: HCS
  • filing form, residence and mailing addresses, clarification of - HB 477: HFA(1)
Dissolution of city of sixth class upon annexation, notice of - HB 610
  • Lien Information System - HB 739: SFA(1)
  • Lien Information System, division - HB 739
  • public, ineligibility to provide service, conditions of - HB 787
  • public, notification of death or resignation or name change - HB 787
Notification when city passes ordinance to relocate pursuant to KRS 81.380 - HB 526
  • for constitutional right to clean environment, notice of - HCR 1
  • for federal balanced budget constitutional amendment or convention, transmittal of - SJR 19
Political party, eligibility to be independent candidate - HB 62: SFA(1)
Primary election candidate, ballot eligibility requirements, procedure for meeting - HB 477
Private investigators, licensing board - HB 878
Ratified balanced budget constitutional amendment, transmittal of - SJR 20
Rescission of exemption from campaign finance reporting by write-in candidate, deadline for - HB 63: HCA(1)
Secretary of State, proposed appointment rather than election of - SB 434
Statewide lien information system - HB 116

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