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Allow use of original hospital birth certificate as proof of age for driver's license - HB 372: HCS
Birth surveillance registry - SB 336: SCA(1)
Block grant application review - SB 438
Civil service commissions, cities of second and third class cities number of commissioners increased - HB 726
Confidentiality ethics commission proceedings - HB 273: HFA(3)
Court opinions, electronic publication - SB 404, 406, 409; HB 838, 855
Criminal justice matters, free conference committee report - HB 455: FCCR
Day care centers, inspections and licensure of - HB 583
  • signature and electronic records, use of - HB 708
Felony record, expungement of - HB 88
Hospital birth certificate as proof of age for driver's license, use of - HB 372
Juvenile records, policy custody of - HB 270
Local school districts, financial reports for - HB 378
Motor vehicle accident reports, disclosure to parties involved in accident - SB 79
Neighborhood improvement zones - HB 829
Nine months, amend all public and private records to increase age by - SB 249: SFA(3)
Open records requests by prisoners - HB 325
Paid political telephone advertising, registration and disclosure requirements for - HB 197
Privatization contracts, vendor's records, state agency's records - HB 332: SCS
Procurement, competitive bidding process, restrictions on release of information - HB 134
Public agencies, grievances filed with - SB 44: HFA(1)
Social Security Number, delete requirement for on title application - HB 311: SFA(1)
State forms, permit multiple racial or ethnic identification - HB 744
Student records, sharing with law enforcement agencies - HB 455: HFA(5)

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