Courts, Fiscal

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Allow county judge/executive to designate county official to sign financial documents - SB 46
Claims against, standing order for payment - SB 43
Commissioner form, minimum of registered voters to call for question - SB 103: HCS
Commissioners, increase in pay for training - HB 810
Compensation for coroners, establish salary schedule for - HB 810: SFA(1)
Expenditure of county funds in fourth fiscal year, limitation - SB 78
Expenditures, county judge/executive, fourth year - SB 78: HFA(1)
Financial obligations, regular payment of bills - SB 43: HCA(1)
Fiscal court compensation, exempt urban-county government - HB 810: HCS
Form of government, referendum to change, reduce percentage of voters required - SB 103: SCA(1)
Justices of the Peace, increase in pay for training - HB 810
Office of county judge/executive, vacancy in - SB 326: HCS
Off-road vehicles, allow to operate on public roads designated by ordinance - HB 195
Overdimensional vehicles on county roads, allow fiscal court to issue permit and require bond - HB 495: HFA(1)
Petition signature requirements for changes in fiscal court structure - HB 84
Planning and zoning, time limit for vote on map amendment - SB 179
Powers of, regulation of places of entertainment - HB 432
Public use roads, define and ensure access by property owners - HB 827
  • on fiscal court structure, petition requirement options for - SB 103: SFA(2)
  • on fiscal court structure, petition requirements for - SB 103
Rural road money, prohibit receipt on county road on which the court has raised weight limit - HB 495: HCA(1)
Salaries, increase in maximum in certain public officers - HB 810
School bus turnarounds, require to construct if requested by school board - HB 759
Standing orders, continuance - SB 43: HCA(1)
State reimbursement of precinct election costs, increase in - SB 67; HB 217; SB 67: HCS
Vacancy in office of county judge/executive, fiscal court member to temporarily fill - SB 326

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