County Judge/Executives

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Allow county judge/executive to designate county official to sign financial documents - SB 46
Appointments to planning commissions, citizens with commercial interest - HB 671
Claims against fiscal court, standing order for payment - SB 43
Cosignatures of warrants upon treasury, executive order allowing - SB 46: SCS
Escrow accounts for retainage, exclude local governments from - SB 45: HCA(1)
Expenditure of county funds in fourth fiscal year, limitation - SB 78
Expenditures, fourth year - SB 78: HFA(1)
Office, vacancy in - SB 326: HCS
Person to fill vacancy in office of county judge/executive, gubernatorial appointment of - SB 326: FCCR
Proposed county budget, publication of - SB 45
Public officials, establish salary schedule for - HB 810: HFA(2)
Salary, increase in maximum - HB 810
Twelve-year limitation on service, proposed constitutional amendment imposing - HB 758
Vacancy in office, time limit for gubernatorial appointment to fill - SB 326

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