Campaign Finance

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Advertisements for candidates for Governor & Lieutenant Governor, reporting requirements for - HB 63: SCS
Advertising sold to candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, required reports of - HB 63: SFA(2)
Aggregate limit on contributions to PACs, increase in - HB 167
All of contributor's occupations and employers on campaign finance reports, identification of - HB 63: HFA(1)
Allowable use of campaign funds by candidates and campaign committees, applicaiton of law limited t - HB 167
  • advertising on the Internet - HB 167: SFA(1)
  • advertising sold to candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, required reporting of - HB 63: FCCR
  • conributions of any amount received, reporting of - SB 194
  • funds following a candidate's change in political party affiliation, disposal of - HB 173
Change of treasurer for PAC or party committee, notification of - HB 63
Compliance with campaign finance laws by media vendors, requirement by slate of candidates of - HB 167
Definition of peace officer, campaign finance investigator, inclusion in - HB 569
  • of campaign funds, pro rata return of contribution by political party, limit application - HB 173: HFA(4)
  • of campaign funds, contribution by person of opposite party than candidate, inappliable to - HB 173: HFA(3)
  • of campaign funds, contributions received after effective date of Act, application to - HB 173: HFA(1)
  • of campaign funds, written release by contributor for reimbursement, execution of - HB 173: HFA(2)
Filing campaign finance reports by party committees, grace period for - HB 63
Hearing process for campaign finance violations, revisions to - HB 259
Income tax checkoff funds for political parties, Registry of Election Finance audits of - HB 63: SFA(1), FCCR
Independent expenditures committee, creation of - HB 167
Limit on contributions to political issues committee, deletion of - HB 167
Paid political telephone advertising, registration and disclosure requirements for - HB 197
  • persons for transporting voters to the polls in counties with mass transit, prohibition of - HB 62: HFA(8)
  • persons for transporting voters to the polls, prohibition of - HB 62: HFA(2)
  • by candidates for transporting voters to the polls, regulation of - HB 839
  • for transporting voters, prohibition of - SB 51
Post-election contributions to pay legal expenses, solicitation and acceptance of - HB 63
  • employee, involvement in campaign - SB 26: HFA(1)
  • financing threshold qualifying amounts, adjustment of - HB 63
Registry of Election Finance, investigators for - HB 569: HFA(1)
Rescission of exemption from campaign finance reporting by write-in candidate, deadline for - HB 63: HCA(1)
Roasting of candidate who changes parties - HB 173: HFA(5)

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