Education, Vocational

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Academic freedom, protection required by KCTCS board of regents - HB 1: SFA(64)
Community and technical college personnel, dispute resolution - HB 1: HFA(8)
Conference Committee Report - HB 1: CCR
  • on Postsecondary Education, appointment of three members of current board to the - HB 1: SFA(53),(55)
  • on Postsecondary Education, intermediate between KCTC and UK boards - HB 1: SCA(4)
  • on Postsecondary Education, members appointed to represent seven judicial districts - HB 1: SFA(54)
  • on Postsecondary Education, membership based on congressional districts - HB 1: SFA(52)
Department for Technical Education, removal of - HB 1: SCA(25)
Distance learning programs at the state and independent colleges - HB 1: SCA(9)
Dues deduction, employee organizations, permission to - HB 1: HFA(18)
Employees, KCTCS to promulgate administrative regulations on - HB 1: HFA(55)
Financial aid trust fund, use of remaining funds, appropriation stipulation - HB 1: SCA(3)
Governance of SCPE - HB 1: SCA(2)
KCTCS board of regents, suspension or removal of professor, teacher, or employee - HB 1: SCA(14)
KCTCS, board of directors - HB 1: SFA(63)
KY Community and Technical College Board, composition - HB 1: HFA(39),(61)
Members of governing body, length of service - HB 1: SCA(33)
Membership to the Postsecondary Education Nominating Committee, solicit recommendation for - HB 1: SCA(27)
Omnibus revision - HB 3
Paducah Junior College contract with University of Kentucky for transfer of facilities - HB 1: HFA(85)
Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997, omnibus revision of - HB 1: SFA(40), HFA (62)
Programs, Students' Right to Choose - HB 1: HFA(35)
Regional advisory groups, establishing - HB 1: HFA(60)
Salary schedule, establishment of - HB 1: HFA(4)
Secondary area voc-ed centers, KCTC System - HB 1: HFA(34)
Strategic agenda, requirements of, reporting of - HB 1: SCA(26)
Student information, confidentiality of - HB 1: SFA(59)
Students' right to choose academic or vocational program of study - HB 1: SFA(37)
Technical Degree, Awarding Credit Toward - HB 1: HFA(27)
Technical, vocational education, merger with community college system - SB 1; HB 1
The governance of Associate Degree programs - HB 1: SFA(38)

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