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Adult education and literacy initiative fund, creation of - HB 1: SCA(1)
Allotting funds for financial assistance - HB 1: HFA(54)
Appropriation for literacy initiatives - HB 4: HFA(2)
  • colleges, allotment determinations - HB 4: HFA(3)
  • colleges, construction of satellite buildings - HB 1: HFA(2)
Conference Committee Report - HB 1: CCR
  • on Postsecondary Education to develop financial reporting system - HB 1: HFA(32)
  • on Postsecondary Education, financial reporting procedure - HB 1: SCA(22)
  • on Postsecondary Education, increase general fund appropriation by $2 million for literacy - HB 4: HFA(1)
  • on Postsecondary Education, recommend new strategy for financial assistance, remove fund - HB 1: SCA(24)
Delete appropriation stipulation - HB 1: SCA(21)
Financial Aid and Advancement Trust Fund, eligibility of regionally accredited private institutions - HB 1: HFA(31)
Funds designated to community colleges, investment of - HB 1: HFA(81)
Incentive Funds, Student Financial Aid and Advancement - HB 1: HFA(7)
Lexington Community College, continued funding and development of - HB 1: HFA(83)
Paducah Junior College contract with University of Kentucky for transfer of facilities - HB 1: HFA(85)
Postsecondary Education Improvement Act of 1997, omnibus revision of - HB 1: SFA(40), HFA (62)
Reporting of future revenue - HB 1: SCA(17)
Research funding for the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville - HB 1: SCA(12)
Student Financial Aid Trust Fund, $5.3 million appropriation - HB 4: HFA(4)
Technology Initiative Trust Fund, eligibility of private and public universities to apply - HB 1: HFA(69)
UK Community College System funds, include private funds - HB 1: SCA(15)

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