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HR 23 (BR 21) - T. Riner, J. Adams, Ro. Adams, R. Adkins, W. Allen, J. Arnold Jr, A. Arnold, E. Ballard, J. Barrows, P. Bather, S. Baugh, C. Belcher, L. Belcher, J. Bowling, I. Branham, K. Bratcher, S. Brinkman, B. Buckingham, T. Burch, De. Butler, Dw. Butler, J. Callahan, M. Cherry, P. Childers, L. Clark, P. Clark, J. Coleman, H. Collins, B. Colter, J. Comer, H. Cornett, B. Crall, J. Crenshaw, R. Crimm, R. Damron, M. Denham, B. DeWeese, J. Draud, T. Feeley, J. Fischer, D. Ford, C. Geveden, J. Gooch, G. Graham, J. Gray, K. Hall, J. Haydon, B. Heleringer, C. Hoffman, J. Hoover, D. Horlander, J. Jenkins, T. Kerr, S. Lee, Ji. Lee, G. Lindsay, P. Marcotte, M. Marzian, T. McKee, R. Meeks, C. Miller, H. Moberly, R. Mobley, L. Napier, R. Nelson, F. Nesler, S. Nunn, R. Palumbo, D. Pasley, T. Pullin, M. Rader, F. Rasche, J. Reinhardt, J. Richards, S. Riggs, W. Scott, C. Siler, A. Simpson, D. Sims, B. Smith, J. Stacy, J. Stewart, G. Stumbo, G. Tapp, R. Thomas, J. Thompson, M. Treesh, Jo. Turner, T. Turner, K. Upchurch, J. Vincent, C. Walton, J. Wayne, M. Weaver, R. Webb, S. Westrom, R. Wilkey, B. Yonts

     Adjourn the House of Representatives in memory of Richard Harold Fultz and the combat veterans and their families throughout the United States whose health and life span have been compromised as a result of the exposure of Vietnam veterans to Agent Orange while serving their country in Viet Nam.

     May 1-introduced in House; adopted by voice vote

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