01RS SB122


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SB 122/LM/CI (BR 989) - V. Moore

     AN ACT relating to littering.
     Amend KRS 433.753, 433.757, and 433.875 to clarify the classes of law enforcement officers authorized to enforce laws relating to littering; amend KRS 433.753 and 433.757 to define when the registered owners of motor vehicles and motorboats, respectively, shall be deemed prima facie to have violated KRS 512.070; amend KRS 512.070 to define criminal littering in the first degree and second degree, and to provide a penalty of a $200 fine or 30 days imprisonment, or both, for criminal littering in the second degree; amend KRS 30A.120 and 30A.190 to direct circuit clerks to pay the enforcing agency or magistrate $100 of the criminal littering fine with the remainder going to the board of directors of the waste management district or to the fiscal court in counties which have not adopted an approved waste management plan; amend KRS 67.080 to direct the fiscal court to use the portions of fines received from the circuit clerk for criminal littering violations for the purposes of litter abatement and the benefit of local clean-up programs; amend KRS 109.140 to direct the boards of directors of waste management districts to spend the portions of the fines received from the circuit clerk for criminal littering violations to be spent on litter abatement and clean-up programs within their districts; amend KRS 431.100 to authorize the allocation of fines received by the circuit clerk from criminal littering violations; and repeal KRS 438.060.

     Feb 9-introduced in Senate
     Feb 13-to Agriculture and Natural Resources (S)

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