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SB 103 (BR 453) - R. Roeding, J. Denton, A. Kerr, K. Stine, J. Westwood

     AN ACT relating to the Kentucky Senior Pharmaceutical Assistance Act of 2001.
     Create new sections of Subtitle 17B of KRS Chapter 304 to define "department," "eligible consumer," "eligible drug," "maintenance drug," and "program"; create the Kentucky Senior Pharmaceutical Assistance Program for eligible consumers to be administered and implemented by the Department of Insurance when funds are available; provide that federal government money, gifts, grants, and block grants may be used to fund the program, and that the department shall promulgate any administrative regulations to comply with federal requirements; require the department to promulgate administrative regulations necessary to establish open enrollment and the processes related to application, premium collection, and payment collection, and that establish a process for consumer and provider appeals; establish an annual premium based upon a sliding scale; establish a deductible based upon a sliding scale; establish a copayment system based upon a sliding scale; establish out-of-pocket maximums based upon a percentage of adjusted gross income; require the department to provide, for an eligible consumer, pharmacy assistance through direct payment for up to a 60-day supply of an eligible drug to the dispensing pharmacy or health care provider, or to the consumer upon presentation of a verifiable receipt; require the pharmacist to collect and retain the copayment; require the department to market the program; require enrollment to be established during an annual 60-day period; require the department to consult with other state agencies to determine the most effective open enrollment and application processes and the best method to market the program; require the department to report by September 1 of each year to the Governor and the Legislative Research Commission on projected expenditures, demographics, utilization, dispensing experience, utilization review, along with recommendations for adding disease categories for eligible drugs and the lowering or raising of premiums, deductibles, premiums, or copayments.

     Feb 8-introduced in Senate
     Feb 13-to Health and Welfare (S)

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