01RS HB255


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HB 255/LM (BR 1094) - J. Adams, K. Upchurch

     AN ACT relating to the zoning of factory-built housing.
     Amend KRS 100.111 to add definitions of "factory-built housing", "manufactured home", and "modular housing"; create new section of KRS Chapter 100 to consider factory-built housing to be a permitted use in residential zones, and allow reasonable aesthetic standards for factory-built housing that are no more restrictive than for single family dwellings, and allow the legislative bodies to establish reasonable standards for certain public safety requirements in accordance with federal regulations; amend KRS 100.203 to replace the words "mobile home" with "factory-built housing" in regard to zoning regulations; and create a new section of KRS Chapter 100 to provide that nothing in the first three sections of the Act are intended to affect, modify, or abolish restrictions in various legal instruments.

     Feb 12-introduced in House
     Feb 13-to Local Government (H)
     Feb 14-posting waived

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