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HB 2/LM (BR 14) - G. Stumbo

     AN ACT relating to solid waste and making an appropriation therefor.
     Create new sections of subchapter 43 of KRS Chapter 224 to create container recycling program; establish refund value for containers; require dealers to sell containers that show a refund value on the label or container; require redemption centers be operated by county or state; allow private entities and retailers to operate redemption centers; require state to certify redemption centers; require redemption centers to reimburse container refund value; allow redemption centers to refuse to accept certain containers; require distributors to pay minimum refund value for containers to state; require fast food retail establishments to pay advance disposal fee for fast food packaging to state; establish penalty for distributors and fast food restaurants who fail to pay; create the Kentuckians Against Trash fund; designate use of fund money; establish per container handling fees for redemption centers; create the Container Recycling Authority; establish membership and terms of authority members; establish a director of the authority and allow staff to be hired; establish duties of the authority; establish terms for authority to borrow money; require audit of fund; require counties to establish a line item in budgets for fund money received; require counties to report on expenditure of fund money; establish penalties for violations and make penalties prepayable; grant Container Recycling Authority the authority to promulgate administrative regulations; create the adopt-a-highway fund; allow the Department of Transportation to solicit donations for the adopt-a-highway program; require counties to have a solid waste coordinator; allow counties to share solid waste coordinators; establish duties of solid waste coordinators; create a toll free phone line for reporting vehicles containing persons who litter and unsecured loads; require defendant to reimburse a witness for expenses upon conviction; require solid waste coordinators to enforce criminal litter laws; allow fines from offense of littering as created in KRS Chapter 438 to be transferred to counties; amend definition of universal collection to mean curbside or end-of-driveway collection; require counties to provide universal collection as amended; establish reporting requirements for county universal collection programs; allow counties to set reduced fees for low-income households; allow counties to be exempted from universal collection if the county has a collection program in place that meets or exceeds 85% collection of municipal solid waste; require Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to operate universal collection program if county fails to achieve 85% rate of garbage collection; allow counties to collect solid waste pick-up fees in advance by placing fee on property tax bill; require appropriate local officials to cooperate in placing solid waste pick-up fees on property tax bills in advance, and to aid in the collection of those fees; provide exemptions from universal collection for vacation property owners; require Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to report on the status of universal collection; amend KRS 224.10-620 to include the Container Recycling Authority in the group that establishes a program to educate citizens on reducing and managing waste effectively; amend KRS 224.10-650 to allow the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet to redeem beverage containers collected through the source separation and collection program; amend KRS 224.10-660 to require the Kentucky Recycling and Marketing Assistance Program to advise the Container Recycling Authority as needed in the marketing of recovered beverage containers; repeal KRS 512.070 to conform; repeal KRS 224.43-315; appropriate three million dollars from the general fund to the Container Recycling Authority; establish effective date of July 1, 2002, for the container recycling program.

     Jan 2-introduced in House
     Jan 3-to Natural Resources and Environment (H)

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