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Advertisement of prescription drugs in mass media, curtailment urged, exceptions to - HCR 62
Ambulance funding reimbursement crisis - HCR 25
Census, urge release and use of adjusted data - SCR 126
  • of gaseous diffusion plants, urge Congress to prioritize - HR 127: HCS
  • of Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, urge Congress to prioritize - HR 127
Congress, adjusted census data, urge use - SCR 126
Congressional districts, redistricting, use of actual enumeration of population required - HB 227
Flag, display at rest areas - HB 322: HFA(1)
KY Congressional delegation, urge federal funds to upgrade the Western Kentucky Parkway - SR 79
President, adjusted census data, urge release - SCR 126
Psychiatric residential treatment facilities, federal rule concerning - HR 136
  • Retirement and Survivors' Improvement Act, support for - HR 82
  • Retirement and Survivors Improvement Act, support passage of - SR 50
United States Congress, support of U.S. Coast Guard "Deepwater Project," requesting - HR 140

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