Traffic Safety

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All terrain vehicles, limit crossing of highway to farm or agriculture activities - HB 328
Commercial vehicles, lights and reflectors, unobstructed view, required - SB 155
Department of Education, direct to seek funds to equip school buses with seat belts - HJR 6
Design standards for construction and requirement that federal standard be followed - SB 183
Driver training, police stop instruction requirement for operator's license - HB 312
Driving under the influence, treatment assessment - SB 41
Fire lanes, prohibition of parking in or placing a sign or other obstacle in - HB 93
Graduated driver's license, omnibus revisions - HB 332
Mandatory seat belt law, make violation a primary offense - HB 267
Motor carriers, rear impact guards, inclusion in out-of-service criteria - SB 154
Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Commission, establishment - SB 8; HB 76
Rear impact guards, delay enforcement - SB 154: SFA(4)
School buses, requirement to equip with seat belts - SB 10; HB 31
  • belt violations, maintain as a secondary offense - HB 267: HFA(1)
  • belts, front seat passengers only, requirement for - HB 267: HFA(2)
  • limits, interstates and parkways, 70 mph - HB 129
  • limits, interstates and parkways, increase on - SB 11
Towing of vehicles, omnibus revision - SB 140
Wireless telephones, use while operating motor vehicle prohibited - HB 44

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