Taxation, Income--Individual

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Adoption, study of - HCR 102
Child support arrearage, tax implications of - SB 115
  • for butchers that process game for charitable donation - HB 182
  • for tobacco warehouses - HB 110
Deer and elk processing, tax credit for - HB 182: HCS
Economic development job assessment fees, tax credit for - SB 47: HFA(2)
Exclusion for payments received for tobacco quota reduction - SB 54
Health insurance vouchers, deduction for - HB 84
Income tax excl, TLAP pmts. rec'd for compensation of tobacco quota reductions - HB 209
Individual Income Tax Return form, check-off for contribution to anti-litter education program - SB 56
Job development assessment fee, tax credit for - SB 47: HCS(1)
  • Congressional Delegation to Support President Bush's Tax Relief Proposal, requesting - SR 71
  • educational savings plan trust, state income deduction for contributions to - HB 364
Low income tax credit, increase gross income threshold - HB 25
National Guard service in a noncombat zone, exemption from - HB 208
Nursing home expense credit, feasibility of - HCR 95
Tax credit, new coal operations - HB 242: HFA(1)
Taxable income and tax rates, determination of - HB 302
Tobacco warehouses, exemption from - HB 110: HCS

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