Public Utilities

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Acquisition of utility, for good cause, allow more time for commission approval - HB 342: HCA(1)
Affordable home energy, study of - HCR 34: HCS
Availability of high speed Internet access, study directed - SCR 16
Balanced national energy policy, resolution calling for - SCR 24
  • phone tower location, complete description required - HB 369
  • phone tower, siting in historic district, prohibition - HB 369
  • tower construction, notification of property owners - HB 193
Certificate of convenience and necessity, extension for commission response - HB 342
  • board, administration costs, audit and disbursal of funds - HB 226
  • database, permit user info to be used for collection purposes - HB 99: HCS
  • fund disbursement, grace period for PSAP mergers - HB 99: HCS
  • fund, PSAP funding formula, collection actions - HB 99
Contaminated site cleanup, provisions relating to use, liability - HB 104
Eminent domain, require licensed appraisal, precise description, plaintiff to pay fees - SB 161
Exemption from "zero call" list, revise - SB 192: HFA(7)
High energy costs, solutions to urge government agencies & citizens to cooperate in finding - HR 76
Home Energy Affordability Task Force, creation of - HCR 34
Internet, use of for pornographic purposes - HB 372
Martin Huelsmann, confirmation of appointment to PSC - SR 120
National energy crisis, presidential and congressional study of - HCR 78
Public Service Commission, authority to establish universal energy programs - HB 305
Publishing of no call list, quarterly publication, clarification - SB 192: HFA(5)
Superintendents, purchasing authority of - SB 69
Telephone service, countywide and area-wide calling, requirement for - HB 219

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