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Adverse possession, recreational use no support to claim of - HB 331
Audit privilege, revise application of and revise prohibition on seeking civil penalties - HB 143: HCS
Commodity subject to exchange, taxation of - HB 285
Computation of damages for surviving spouse in cause of action for loss of consortium - HB 319
Contaminated sites, cleanup requirements, redevelopment, and future use - HB 104
Failure to release a satisfied lien on real property, maximum liability for - HB 195; HB 195: HCS
Intangible, repeal of the property tax on - HB 3
Planning and zoning, subdivision of land to relative - HB 349
Public access to private land, study of incentives for - SCR 55
State owned, transfer, sale, lease, or otherwise disposed of - HB 338: HCS
Theft of gasoline, penalty option for second offense - HB 105: HCS
Universal garbage collection, establishment of - HB 237: HCS

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