Oil and Natural Gas

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Acquisition of utility, for good cause, allow more time for commission approval - HB 342: HCA(1)
Breaks Interstate Park, oppose drilling for gas in - HR 154
Drilling operations, state and interstate parks, permits for - SB 2: HFA(2); SB 34: HCS, HFA (3)
  • domain for natural gas, condemnor to pay for appraisal, attorney fees, costs - HB 15: HFA(3)
  • domain for natural gas, include real estate fiduciaries as appraisers - HB 15: HFA(3)
  • domain for natural gas, limit action to state court - HB 15: HFA(4)
  • domain, natural gas, require appraisal and precise description - HB 15: HCS
  • domain, natural gas, separate petitions for each parcel - HB 15: HCS
  • domain, prohibition of use when siting natural gas transmission lines - HB 15
  • domain, require licensed appraisal, precise description, plaintiff to pay fees - SB 161
High energy costs, solutions to urge government agencies & citizens to cooperate in finding - HR 76
Local paper, notification describing project in - HB 15: HFA(2)
Martin Huelsmann, confirmation of appointment to PSC - SR 120
Natural gas transmission lines not allowed within 300 feet of residence - HB 15: HFA(5)
Property, legal description, requirement - HB 15: HFA(1)

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