Motor Carriers

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Access to premises of a business, allow trucks to exceed road weight limits - SB 34: HFA(1)
Commercial vehicles, 10 % weight tolerance for carriers of agricultural products - SB 146
Highway weight and width limits, provide exemption to businesses - SB 146: SFA(1)
Lack of rear impact guard, allow to deliver livestock or perishable product - SB 154: HFA(2)
  • and reflectors on motor carriers, penalty provisions - SB 155: SFA(1)
  • and reflectors, unobstructed view, required - SB 155
Motor carriers, rear impact guards, inclusion in out-of-service criteria - SB 154
Out-of-service vehicles, allow to be driven to repair shop under limited circumstances - SB 154: SFA(2), HFA (1)
  • impact guards, delay enforcement - SB 154: SFA(4)
  • impact guards, penalty provisions - SB 154: SFA(1)
  • impact guards, permit fine to be dismissed, create warning period - SB 154: SCS
  • impact guards, permit vehicle to operate on highways while part is on order - SB 154: SFA(3)
Taxes on motor carrier, study of - SCR 41: SCS
Towing of vehicles, omnibus revision - SB 140
Weight distance and usage tax, study of - HCR 8

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