Minerals and Mining

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Application for permit to mine, transportation impact plan, requirement for - HB 245
Balanced national energy policy, resolution calling for - SCR 24
  • mine safety, mine board and review commission - HB 258: SCS
  • worker's pneumoconiosis (black lung) provisions, changes in - HB 132
Drilling operations, state and interstate parks, permits for - SB 2: HFA(2); SB 34: HCS, HFA (3)
Eminent domain, prohibition of use when siting natural gas transmission lines - HB 15
Mine license, miner certification, disciplinary actions, two-thirds vote of total bd requirement for - HB 258: HFA(7)
  • Board, authority to set penalties, revision of, board public purpose, clarification of - HB 258: HCS
  • Board, confirm E.O. 2001-83 reorganizing - HB 258
  • board, membership, composition of - HB 258: HFA(1),(2)
  • board, membership, nomination process for - HB 258: HFA(3),(5)
  • board, monetary penalties, limits on ability to impose - HB 258: HFA(4),(6)
Open dump cleanup, not required on abandoned mine area - HB 237: SFA(1)
Pine Mountain Settlement School, designation as unsuitable for mining, support for - HR 133
Workers' compensation, temporary total disability benefits, termination, requirements for - HB 228

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