Military Affairs and Civil Defense

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Absentee ballots, military personnel confined to military base on election day - SB 169: SCS
Adjutant General, duties, Executive Order 2000-1628 - HB 166
Commission on, executive director, title change - HB 29
Dependents of veterans, waiver of tuition at state supported institutions - HB 244
  • Veterans Program, Department of Veterans' Affairs, certification of - HB 221
  • veterans programs, Department for Veterans' Affairs, coordination of - HB 221: HCS
National Guard, income exempt for service in a noncombat zone - HB 208
Prisoners of war or missing in action, display of flag honoring - HB 322: HFA(2)
Reorganization, Logistics Operations Division, Executive Order 2000-1628 - HB 166
Selective service, require proof of registration for applications for permits, licenses, and ID card - HB 222
World War II veterans, awarding of high school diploma to - SCR 45

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