Campaign Finance

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Acceptance of contributions from federal campaign account, removal of prohibition against - SB 191
Allow cure of violation of Section 1 if campaign contribution reimbursed - SB 1: SFA(3),(4)
Allowable purchase with campaign funds, increase of amount - HB 194
Capital construction, restriction on persons hired - HB 347: SFA(1)
  • low income health services business entity, remove prohibition - SB 1: SFA(5)
  • vendors, state contracts, prohibition against - SB 1, 60
Expenditures, campaign, itemization of - HB 194: HFA(3)
Increase allowable purchase of tickets to fundraiser of another candidate to $1,000 - HB 194: HFA(2)
Lower allowable ticket purchase amount for political party functions - HB 194: HFA(1)
Mandatory electronic reporting - HB 327
Political activities, restrictions on labor organizations - HB 313
Prohibited contributions, legislative agents, lobbyists, employers, real party in interest - SB 1: SFA(2)
Provide refund of contributions if candidate switches parties - SB 1: SFA(1)
  • of Election Finance membership, confirmation, Boggs, Judith Susan - SR 96
  • of Election Finance, appointment of Richard Beliles, confirm - SR 99
State building, use to solicit campaign funds, prohibition against - SB 60

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